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iPad Integration


Apple configurator and resource links.

iOS Deployment Video

Using the Apple Configurator (New)

App Store Online (VP)

App Store Volume Purchase Program

Apple Configurator 1.0

Article on new Apple Configurator

New iOS5 deployment guide

Apple's VPP explained

Program Manager Enrollment

Program Manager Login

Device Management

Get the iPhone Config Utility
(recommend Configurator above)

Using the iPhone Config Utility(recommend Configurator above)

Change Enrollment

iTunes Acct. W/O Credit Card

Wireless Sync

User Guide

Default Apps Explained

Volume Purchase Program FAQ's

Make use of your iPad, a How to guide

iPads in Chicago Public Schools Video

Do's and Dont's

Charge and Sync Cart- Bretford

iPad Sync and Charge Solution2

1 to 1 implementation


Easily Transfer iTunes Lib for PC

Safari Techniques and Web Clips

Conserving iPad Battery Life

Find my iPad

Cheap iPad Cases

Other Cases for a variety of uses

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Proloquo2Go Workshop Albuquerque
April 2, 2014

Full Morning and Afternoon Presentation

Download a trial of P2G version for Mac Computer

Assistiveware Website

Website Resources for SPED

Apps for Literacy Support- Spectronics
Paul Hami- Free Resources

Squidaliciious! App Spreadsheet

Apps for Children with Special Needs
Lot's of great apps, videos and more.

SN Apps for Kids(Bridging Apps)


Touch Autism-Free App

Apps Store For Special Ed

Eric Sailers Site

Yes, there is an "App For That" !

Maximize Your Touch
Apps for SPED with levels.

Mega-Spreadsheet of Apps.

TCEA iPad App List

Smart Apps for KidsSite



One Place for Special Needs

Image Sites

Flickr Search and Save Images

Image Pro App $1.99

Accessibility and iPads

RJ Cooper Site
Apple and Accessibility
Mobile Learning 4 Special Needs
The AT Classroom
Jane Farrall

Current list of Apps for you and your students.

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The eBook Area

ePub Converter ePubbud- recommended highest!

Create your own eBook!

10 best books for interactivity

ePub Converter- 2ePub

iBook Author

iBooks Author for Mac Desktop (free)

iBooks Author Overview (Guide) Free

How to create a book in Author (YouTube)


The Apps

Creative Book Builder $3.99
DemiBook Composer Free
eBook Magic $3.99
eBook Creator $3.99
Rapid Book Creator $2.99
Book Creator for iPad $4.99
Book Writer (iBookcreator) $3.99

iOS 6
Changes for K-12 iPads
Download PDF


Tip Sheet for using iPads with groups

5 Awesome iPad Posters for Teachers


Redeem Volume Voucher.pdf
Purchase Apps.pdf

Dan's Tips and Tricks

Naomi's Tips and Tricks

iPad Action and Lesson Plan Word 2003

iPad Action and Lesson Plan Word 2010

Voucher Usage Form


Pre-K, EC, K

4K Apps from Mindleap

Top Ten Reading Apps For Children

Apps for Kids

Innovative Educator Free and Low Cost Apps for EC-Pre-K-K

K one to one Video


Moms With Apps

Some Amazing Apps for Kids

Rocket Tot (free)
Flip Frog (free)
Alphabets 78 Examples (free)



Free Educational Apps



Multimedia Content and iPads

 Integrating the iPad 2 with your classroom technology:

1. Reflector : $15. Mirrors iPad onto computer and can be projected. Now available for Mac and PC

2. AirServer: PC/Mac $15

Splashtop Remote Desktop
SplashTop App for iPad $.99

ScannerPro $6.99

NearPod Teacher

QRCode Creator-Text To Speech

21st Century Content and Delivery
62 Things Dropbox can do for me.



What's New?

Screencast for iOS: For Websites

Interactive Textbooks and iBooks2



The iPad Learning Studio

10 Essential Apps for iPad (high school)

ePub Flex Books for Core Curriculum
Google Books

Kathy Schrock's App Page +more

App Guide by Geek Teacher
App Search by Subject-Nice
Free Books to download to your iPad
Reasons to Use Digital Textbooks

anatomy molecules

Apple TV Airplay Video


Make a Podcast with GarageBand App